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The end of all things

Only those of us who live in this place understand the insincerity of death. Too much we love the wild, eager summer.  Even so - Minnesotans are ever-ready for the next tornado, hail storm, blizzard. We expect the worst and are seldom disappointed.  No matter how lovely the moment, how elegant the day - the end of all things is always near and we know it.  People who visit in spring are shocked to see us half-naked, tanning on half-frozen roof tops.    We don’t care what you think.  Our summer sunshine is our liquid gold; rare, fleeting and precious.  For six, eight brief weeks each year, we chase the light - wherever it leads. Our lakes were carved by glaciers, but we don’t mind.  We flock to them like the geese and loons we love.   Only wild birds do what we do for fun.  If a decent lake is too far away, we lounge beside an underused, over-budget swimming pool owned by one of our municipalities, YMCAs or neighbors.  For one brief, shining season we fish, we

Fired from the MAYO CLINIC and what I learned

When I was a young, sassy, eager young woman, I was fired by the Mayo Clinic.  I was devastated. I worked two years to get the job - interviewed for six months - celebrated when I was hired by buying a house in Rochester, Minnesota. I was with them for eight months and loved the work, adored my colleagues.  But I was flawed, and they knew it.  I couldn’t get to my cubicle on time.  I couldn’t sit still during long, purposeless meetings. I resented the dress code, the deportment code, the high-energy mandate for all staff.  More than anything - I resented not being the most important person in the room.  “The needs of the patient come first.”  I was a mess. Only eight months out of my nasty, long-term marriage, I needed more than Mayo could offer. My little soul was battered - my frail self image smashed.   I needed a place to work, of course - but even more, I needed a place to heal.  Mayo Clinic was not about to deliver.  Their motto is - “The needs of th