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If Hillary were as bad as Trump

My mother once told me a girl's reputation is worth her weight in lipstick and I believed her.
Not so much for boys, I guess.
A girl's reputation is worth her weight in lipstick. 
Many of the men seeking to  lead us as the next President of the United States have dropped their former guise of morality, righteousness and dignity and chosen instead to market their homophobia, racism and sexism as our new, national norm. 
Donald Trump is an excellent example.  His candidacy, marketed by every media outlet in the nation, proves that today, the naughtiest of little boys can be president. 
As long as he has deep pockets, a string of blond wives and a healthy hunk of mean-spirited larceny in his heart, we're tuned in to his leadership.
Does that same ethic apply to little girls?  I think not.
Truth be told - Mr. Trump comes to the race hauling more trash than the Manhattan creates in ten years. What if Hillary were to match his scandalous history?
A few highlights from Mr. Trump's past:

Three spouses. Yup. Lest we forget, Mr. Trump has been married three times. So far. Hillary - of course - is still married to You Know Who. There's something decent about that, in spite of - - - well, You Know What.
Wives one and two. 
Four bankruptcies. Mr. Trump has, thus far, dragged his corporations through Chapter 11 four times. In so doing, Mr. Trump harmed thousands of American families employee while he secured his own personal power and wealth. Hillary's entire career has been dedicated to the law and national service.
Racist, sexist, slanderous rhetoric. Some of us were not surprised by Mr. Trump's recent screed against our immigrant population. Remember the irrational call for proof of Mr. Obama's citizenship? His college transcript? Remember his attack on Obama's presidency during the Baltimore riots? Mr. Trump's ridiculous insistence was circulated throughout the world, created an international embarrassment.
Recent wife.  Stay tuned. 
Here's a howdy do.  Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  Only American-born citizens can run for the Presidency.  Even so - can you imagine Hillary clamoring for Cruz's  birth certificate?
Of course not.  Hillary is too busy focusing on the critical issues threatening to destroy our national interests. 
And here's the real tragedy; our failure to capitalize on this pivotal national moment.
Little girls (and women) all over America watch her campaign and ask questions with awkward, ugly answers.

Why does the media continue to ignore her? Why don't we hear more about Hillary's policies, opinions? Why can't we learn more of this sensible, thoughtful, fearless woman making history?

Hillary is the first woman to run -- seriously run -- for President of the United States. Who cares about the many aging, balding lotharios seeking power over the rest of us?
Who wants to listen to stories of impotent business men who spit on the institution of marriage and exploit national suffering to build wealth?
Not I.
But then, I still have a reputation to uphold.


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