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Why Religion majors make bad pastors

My college required we each enroll in one"religion" class per semester. Some of us got hooked. We were the kids who majored in Religion. And so it came to pass that in those days, a great many well intended, thoughtful men (mostly men) and women opted out. Instead of exploring the philosophies and or histories of our collective civilization, we studied Paul's original Greek when he established the 1st Century church in Corinth. Stuff like that. As a consequence, at graduation, we weren't fit for much - other than a life in parish ministry. So off we went - in droves - to seminary. The "Yikes!" factor When we broke into the congregations, we discovered the obvious. No one cared about Jesus' Hebraic roots.  No one was moved by our facility with first Century Greek. Instead, we were the ones "moved." We encountered real people with real jobs, real lives - with real problems. Husbands and wives who hated each other. Lost c