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The day after generosity

When I was a little girl, everyone around our Thanksgiving table had the last name "Holmgren." My father coveted our privacy and so the Hans Holmgren family always dined alone. At least - until the Thanksgiving of 1958 -  when  relatives from "up north" managed to weasel an invitation. I remember the phone call as if were yesterday. My mother was busy in the kitchen. My father was smoking a pipe and reading the paper at her pinewood table. "Don't answer that!" he warned as she picked up the receiver. "Nothing good ever comes from a telephone call on a holiday!" It was my father's Uncle Oscar and his wife Millie -  people I'd never met. Millie called from a booth in Nisswa.  They were on their way to town when she remembered they had family in the cities. Covering the mouth piece my mother whispered to my father - "You know people in Thief River?" Of course he did.  Uncle Oscar was his father's ol