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Top five reasons to honor Halloween

I did it last year.  The year before.  And I'll do it again this year. The children who come to my door on October 31st will meet a hideous old woman, wretched and hidden inside her black, hooded cape; her features smashed by a dark,  opaque stocking, her hands vanished in black socks. She won't speak. Instead, she will gurgle a terrifying, muddled murmur. To the tiny brave ones who dare to step into the eerie, green-lit porch where bats and dismembered bones abound, she will offer marvelous, full-sized chocolate bars. The candy will bring the brave children closer. The timid will be terrified and turn down her candy rather than step into her lair. The neighbors complain When I was in my fifties (yes, when I was fifty-something-years old!) the neighbors began their annual complaint about my Halloween antics. They claimed I take Halloween too far. I don't need to be so frightening - the kids seek only sweets and a soft congratulations for the mother-m

Ghosts in the heartland

My new play is a ghost story. After Elsie dies, she realizes her life was peppered with unfinished business. She returns, hoping to open the doors she closed in life.  Along the way she discovers most of life is "unfinished."  Nothing comes to a conclusion. And no one is irreplaceable. I was only eight-years-old  when my grandfather died.   Oscar was a cranky, difficult Swedish immigrant with little tolerance for childhood. He never learned English; never had to.  Everyone in my family understood the language of rage. Grandpa Oscar died on a cold afternoon in May.  Three weeks later, my cousin Cherry died of acute leukemia. She began to bleed on a Friday afternoon and was dead by Wednesday. My cousin Cherry was eight-years-old.  And so was I.   Death was not proud in that year. My Aunt Olga followed Cherry - and within a few short weeks, another uncle and aunt died together in an automobile accident.   For all of this loss, I was too young to attend fu