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Putting the baby to bed

Writing a play is like raising a child. The idea for one comes from someplace other than the intellect. The time for one is nonexistent. The money, enthusiasm, energy and imagination for one emerges when the time is right, and not a moment prior. And the launching of one is as painful as the launching of the other. My new show, EFFIGY, opens tonight. The gestation was about nine months.  The labor was intense; my actors passed through confusion, delusion, illumination and clarity. My mood swings were prolific.  Euphoric at first, self-doubting after the second trimester, and courageous confidence at crowing. Now, my baby takes first steps into the public realm of criticism, review, rejection and celebration. I drink my post-partum tonic from the wings, hoping for the best.  Off we go - into the wild, blue yonder of literature. And motherhood. Fly, little bird.  Fly away. EFFIGY is a big, strong, sassy grown up. Click the image above for ticket informat