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Five good reasons to stay single

I know, I know.  You're a little lonely. You're not getting any younger.   The biological clock is ticking, and  all your brothers and sisters are married. So, you're beginning to worry.  Perhaps you've been to fussy.   Maybe you should lower your standards. You know a few acceptable men.  True - none of them ring your chimes.  But maybe you need to revisit your former criteria. Before you make that sows ear into a Gucci bag, consider these five romantic deal breakers. If your guy falls into any of these categories, take a deep breath and step away from the man. 1. He doesn't share your spiritual values.   He loves Krishna and you've got a serious thing for Mohammad.  He  doesn't think old people have immortal souls and wishes men could get pregnant so he could have at least one abortion.  When he was old enough for "Confirmation," he announced his affection for Satanism.  About the same time, he began to test the "nine liv

Her husband is a cheater. Should you tell her?

My mother was twenty-five-years-old when she learned her husband Carlos was an adulterer. Everyone in her small town of Fosston, Minnesota knew - but she didn't have a clue. Later in life she told me how she misread the quiet signs. "Everyone tried to tell me," she said.  "But I didn't want to know." Everywhere she went, she said, picking strawberries, Ladies' Aid meetings, shopping for produce at the fruit market, the other married women treated her with a strange respect. They stopped speaking when she approached.  They whispered as she departed. The ones who knew her best huddled around her, asking again and again if she had any "news." Sometimes, my mother thought she saw pity in their eyes, worry. But hindsight, she said, is always 20/20.. Then, one steamy August afternoon, Carlos came home early from the butcher shop and confessed. He was sleeping with a seventeen-year-old girl named Phyllis.  Phyllis, he told my mothe