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The best of times, and the best of times.

It's the middle of the night and I'm wide, wild, and wooly awake - - When a person is a playwright, and two of the plays written are about to launch, the playwright often has a difficult time settling down at the end of the day. So it is for me - right now. Two plays - two delights - One, my funny, funny show - SWEET TRUTH - is about to be be "world" launched in Columbia, Missouri at the Berlin Theatre. And two - my show, EFFIGY - not as funny, but certainly humorous - premieres at my own Minneapolis-based Mixed Blood Theatre in August. Of course - a reasonable playwright would sleep well under these conditions. "My work is done," a reasonable person would say. "Time now for Pinot Grigio on the patio at W.A. Frost's." Instead, I'm wide awake, imagining new scripts and new directions. One will be with the Minnesota Historical Society and the commission I'm about to begin on our shared,  new production with Tim Stolz.