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Soft, wise words

Confessions of an unrepentant tattletale

You'll get no apology from me.  If you're doing something against the law and I see it?   I'll blow the dang whistle on you. I did it when I worked for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. I did it when I worked for a certain women-serving nonprofit cheating its unsuspecting funders.  And I'll do it again. Consider yourself warned. Don't let me catch you stuffing a box of company paper in your briefcase as you punch out.  I'll tell the boss. If you're one of those unfortunate parents who insists on taking your exhausted toddler to Cub Foods at four o'clock in the afternoon,  you better watch your back. Don't you dare slap that little bink in front of me.  I'll call the frickin' county. I'm one of those moral fruit cakes you've read about. I am a whistleblower. Tattletale as a rightful legacy I come to this odious behavior honestly. My mother - bless her self-righteous soul - trained me in the fine art of r