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BELIEFNET blows it. Feminism is NOT a dirty word

Seriously, is the F-word offensive? I'm proud to call myself a feminist  As a playwright and pastor, I was delighted to be offered a new blog on a faith site – but not at the expense of my beliefs Kristine Holmgren ,  Tuesday 12 February 2013 12.14 EST Let me be clear: I'm a feminist playwright and proud of it. I'm also a Presbyterian pastor. I've built a successful career marrying these peculiar, male-defined vocations. When the faith and spirituality site Beliefnet invited me to blog for them, I was delighted. In my circles, Beliefnet is a well-known resource. Writing for them would add national scope to my own website and blog . Blending my unique expertise, I suggested the title: "Notes From a Feminist Pastor". But before the ink was dry on the contract, Beliefnet asked me to delete the word "feminist". A Beliefnet representative wrote to me:

Cranky no more

For almost ten years, I sat in this same chair in this cafe, writing my opinions for the Star Tribune. In those days, I never ran short of criticism. Trained by cranky immigrant Swedes, I grew up watching the world with a wary eye. When I needed to write social criticism, I had little difficulty. Inconsistencies were everywhere.  Lies, failures, shortcomings, and the ever-present flaws of humanity were ready for the picking.  I sat in this little chair and cherry-plucked from the vast and infinite flaws of my little world. Today, I sit in the same little chair in the same little cafe.  I'm sure I'm wearing the same jeans, same sweater I wore fifteen years ago. What I see, however, is far different from what I saw in those early days. Art changes everything Today, my world has no edges.  All the sharp contrasts from the past - the things that inspired me to  charge into righteous indignation - are muted into common effort. Writing for the theater changed me f

BeliefNet tells me to not use the "F" word!!

February 7, 2013 Romenesko Leave a Comment Beliefnet tells writer: Don’t use the word ‘feminist’ on your blog “Guess which Minnesota Playwright was invited to BLOG for Beliefnet? ” Kristine Holmgren wrote on Facebook in early January. “Yup! Your favorite cupcake, me!!! I’m negotiating “terms” right now…!” Beliefnet staffers “were very excited about me” blogging for them,” Holmgren told me on Wednesday, a day after negotiations broke down over use of the word “feminist.” The editors and marketing people “gushed” over her portfolio , which included columns that Holmgren says had been picked up by the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun. “I said to them [during a group interview], ‘You’ve got to know that I’m a Presbyterian pastor, but I come to the world as a feminist.’ They said, ‘That’s fabulous. We want a wide range of views on the site.’” (Beliefnet, which was briefly a News Corp. property, was acquired by BN Media in 2010. It