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First, you bite your nails

Hey - let's get something straight. I'm not all that excited about telling my own, true story - on these pages, or anywhere else.  I'm a playwright.  I don't do memoir.  I do comedy. So when the Minnesota History Theatre first approached me with the idea of writing about the horrendous sexism I faced during my early years as one of the first women in the Master of Divinity program at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS), I demured. We were normal.  I could write it funny.  I could write it wild.  But could I write it true? I'm sure going to try. My new play - GOD GIRL- is a comedy/drama stroll down memory lane.  The play explores my experiences as a member of the PTS class of 1979.  We were the first with a large population of women; thirty one percent.  Prior to our class, only a handful of odd, crazy female pioneers were admitted.  Those poor things; imagine classrooms where you are the only woman in a cloud of men.  Now, imagine all the

The last homecoming queen

I worshiped her for her hair. She was a tall woman - taller than most of us. And beautiful. Naturally beautiful. Her name was Sandy.   She was a senior at Macalester College, and I was only a freshman; a chubby-cheeked, trying-too-hard freshman. Those were tough days for me.  My mother was a single parent and we didn't  have money for dorm life.  So, like a few other geeky nerd girls at Macalester,  I attended classes during the day  - and lived at home. That wasn't the end of my suffering.  I had other problems; chin acne, front teeth too big for my adolescent jaw. And I still hadn't found the right bra to arrest my jiggle when I walked across campus.  It was 1969, and I was working hard on figuring out who I was and what I would do with my life. Even then, even with all the silly post-adolescent distractions, I knew I wanted to die leaving behind something better.  I wanted my college years to count - I wanted to become some one, some thing, some

An old song with new babies!