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Got your ticket? Get your ticket!

Click here for tickets to PAPER DADDY !

From pastor to playwright - Kristine Holmgren's plays ask, "Is it ever too late to start again?"

Where did these ashes come from? See PAPER DADDY! As a pastor — especially as a woman pastor — Kristine Holmgren has always found a comfort zone in the public eye. In addition to thirteen years of weekly preaching from her country-church pulpit in Hager City, Wisconsin,  Holmgren reached people across the country through the informally syndicated column she wrote for the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune and her frequent commentary for National Public Radio's All Things Considered.   That exposure has perhaps helped prepare her for her newest venture as a playwright.  In 2008, after working for a for-profit Minneapolis-based online university, Holmgren hit the wall.  "It was soul-killing work; my first time outside faith-based communities. " Holmgren said. "I wasn't used to the 'dog-eat-dog' atmosphere. I didn't want to get used to it." At age 59 - at the stormy genesis of the Great Recession, Holmgren did the unthinkable.  She quit her jo

God, Jesus, the Republicans and Minnesota

If we believe our national leaders, God is partial to the Presidents of the United States. Jimmy Carter claimed a personal relationship with the Big Fella. So did Ronald Reagan. Dubya was a praying man, who claimed that God alone (with a little help from Laura) kept him off the bottle and walking the straight path to global supremacy.  Under his administration, the United States instituted a way to pay tax dollars to the churches doing the work they should do without the money. Dubya created a whole new branch of government, and called it good. The Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives has a clergy man at the helm, and billions of dollars in its coffers. They fund everything.   I mean everything.   They fund the presence of religious groups in federal prisons with the clear and certain purpose of converting offenders to the love of Jesus Christ. They fund health initiatives, for heaven's sake - claiming faith-based groups can assist in a pandemic. O

Kristine - are you nervous to see your play on stage?

No. Not even for a moment. In fact, I'm so excited about the success of my new play, I'm obnoxious. But who can blame me?  At age 59 I started an entire life.  When I walked away from my soul-killing job at (Shall Remain Nameless) University, I stumbled into the thrilling, entertaining, exhaustively fabulous life of a playwright. Writing plays for you is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.  And PAPER DADDY is my first to reach production. The others are not far behind.   In 2013, my comedy SWEET TRUTH will be produced by Talking Horse, Berlin Theatre, Columbia Missouri.  (One of the oldest equity stages in the nation is negotiating with me for SWEET TRUTH as well.  Stay tuned!  You'll be the first to know!) And my drama/comedy GOD GIRL will have a staged reading in May, 2012 at the History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. But, first things first - right?  We're talking PAPER DADDY here, kids. PAPER DADDY  has its world premiere at the Northfie

Beautiful, forgiving universe

If I told you there are no mistakes, If I said I understand every decision you make, and that the challenges you face are not unique - they are, instead, faced by us all -  would you listen? If I told you that you are never alone, that you are surrounded by forgiveness and refreshment - If I assured you that I couldn't possibly be any more proud of you than I already am, would you believe me? If I promised you that everything  - every little thing -  is okay, would you stop worrying? Would you?  Would you? Would everything be easier for you if, once in a while, I pull your leg, made you blush, and wink between the lines? Then I shall do so. Stay tuned.  Never give up.  And remember -  I love you so. The Universe

Dump Rush Limbaugh! (For his sake and ours.)

 Enough. Sure, conservative radio has a place.  I don't contest that. But hate speech is what hate speech does;  divides us, hurts us, and distracts us from important, positive work we all need to be doing. Wherever you are, whoever you are - write to the station in your community sponsoring this miscreant.  For his sake and for the common good, let's get this poor thing off the air so he can get some help.  Here's suggested language.  "We all know RUSH is an "entertainer."  But hate speech is not entertainment.  SLUT is not funny.  Asking anyone to post themselves having SEX is pornographic content.  Get rid of this guy. If you do not do so, I'll contact all your sponsors - not only the ones who support Limbaugh - and initiate a boycott.  Limbaugh is not funny.  He's serious - and so am I. " Good grief.