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Kristine Holmgren for President

Thank you, thank you, thank you - no. After long conversations with my family, my neighbors, my cat, my neighbors' grandchildren and a pedophile acquaintance who moved back to Stillwater last week, I must again, decline the opportunity to represent you all as President of the United States.  Official - I will not seek, nor will I accept, the Republican Party's nomination in 2012.  I hope this clarifies. Please - stop sending contributions.  Going forward, all donations to my campaign will go directly to the Kristine Holmgren Mortgage fund held in escrow by the lender who screwed up my credit back in '07. I throw the full power of my support behind whoever wins the nomination, and trust she will play her appropriate role in history.

THEATRE IN THE ROUND PLAYERS is the venue for the staged reading of SWEET TRUTH

Free admission to a STAGED READING of this new comedy by former Star Tribune columnist, Kristine M. Holmgren.  SWEET TRUTH The staged reading of a new comedy by former Star Tribune columnist Kristine M. Holmgren Wednesday, January 11 at 7.P.M.  Hosted by  Theatre in the Round Players  245 Cedar  Minneapolis, MN Admisison free - Champagne and cupcake reception following!   Based on dating experiences as a divorced single mother, Kristine Holmgren wrote her new comedy, SWEET TRUTH, as a light-hearted gift to the Twin Cities theatre community.  "I've been talking about these guys for years," Holmgren said, "even written about them.  But I've never put them into dramatic action before!" Sweet Truth tells the story of a single mother facing mid-life alone.  Desperate to find a partner, Bernice Fairfax is becoming dangerously addicted to on-line dating despite the strange men she meets.  This is Holmgren's third play, and the second to appear in