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AUDITIONS - SWEET TRUTH at Theatre in the Round

AUDITIONS   for the staged reading of my new play, Sweet Truth were announced today. They will be held on Friday, December 9, 5-7 PM and Saturday, December 10 12 Noon - 2:00 PM at the following location: Blank Slate Theatre, 499 Wacouta Street Saint Paul, MN 55101 The performance is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th at Theatre in the Round Players,  245 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, MN. Put it on your calendar!  Champagne and cupcakes following the performance - - and a lively discussion of the play! See you then! 

The rock, the girl, and the hope for freedom

An ordinary rock.  Nothing special, nothing important. Once upon a time there was a rock. An ordinary rock.  Nothing special, nothing important. Except for this.  Under this rock lived an entire civilization. A entire world of creatures who crawled, pro-created, lived and breathed the stifled, filthy air the rock allowed. They were tiny critters; limited in imagination; ugly, useless but not evil. They lived within the boundary of birth.  Their boundaries were harsh, settled and heavy.  They were, after all, the boundaries of the rock's edge. Beyond their little. dark and limited world was grass, sunshine, the traffic of others, fresh oxygen.   But under their rock they enjoyed dark, moist, fertile, worm-laden comfort.  Always they had a choice, of course.  Like all creatures, every day they had the opportunity to scurry beyond the edge of the heavy, hard, dead rock that comforted them.  They could scatter into possibilities, golden daylight, rain and snow.

The Sparrow and the Robin - for my brother

Walking the talk

Remember the SLUT WALK?   Come on.  You remember. I know you remember Remember how the organizers promised us their movement was more than the "sensationalism" behind the irritating title? How they want to stand up for victims - want to speak on behalf of survivors of rape and sexual assault? Remember how they took your money and promised future action? Herman Cain might one day be President of the United States. So, where are they when we need them? This past week, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, trashed, damaged and denyed four women who dared to call him out on past sexual harassment claims. Why are SLUT WALK leaders (and the 1400 Minnesota SLUTS who support them) not speaking up in support of Karen Kraushaar, Sharon Bialek and the other women he assaulted? If there were ever a time in our recent history when women needed other women, this is it.  Not that long ago Less than two months ago, SLUT WALK promoters promised us that the only w