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Nightmare of fascism still terrifies

( Here, by request - is the reprint of the essay published by  Pioneer Press, Chicago Tribune, NPR Common  and throughout the internet.  First published November 20, 2001. Still holds true, don't you think? )  I had the dream again. It is a Technicolor, not-ready-for-prime-time dream, spiced with foul language and blood-chilling foreboding. In my dream, I am held captive in the front seat of a shabby sedan by a fat, dark haired man with a gun. I sit as far from him as I can, silent in my fear. The nauseating foreshadow of death floats through the air of the grubby automobile. I squirm as my obese captor brags about how easy it was to trap me. Piece of cake, he snorts. All he had to do was follow me for a week and study my predictable life. He knew where I went for coffee, where I bought my groceries, how often I take out my garbage. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I say to my dreaming myself. Why didn't I change jobs? Why didn't I move from my

Dear Kristine - I look at the Republicans and wonder. . . Why doesn't God love me?

Dear Kristine - You're an ordained Presbyterian minister, right? I lost my job in 2008. So - I figure you know a few things about God and stuff. Can you help me with this little problem?  I wonder why God created a worm like me? And if I'm not a worm, why is God so unkind to me and so loving to people like Tim Pawlenty and his attractive wife, Mary? Here's my sad tale. I lost my job in 2008.  Since then, my home has gone into foreclosure, my oldest child got pregnant by her no-good boy friend. In 2010, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer - but I can't get treatment because I don't have health insurance. Even so, I've had this sense that God loves me - that I have something to look forward to. Until today. Today, someone sent me this Republican video, promoting Pawlenty's religious faith .  When I saw Tim and Mary,  how happy they are, I realized how awful it must be for God to look at such a loser as I. I have been a faithful perso