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PAPER DADDY world premiere announced

What role does a father have in this new, devastated economy? Kristine Holmgren set about to find a light-hearted answer to that serious question by writing a new comedy, PAPER DADDY. Today the announcement is official! April 2012 The Northfield Arts Guild in Northfield, Minnesota will host the world premiere of PAPER DADDY. As the curtain risees, former Carleton College faculty dean Franklin Pomeroy has been dead for over three months, collapsed in the arms of a Minneapolis pole dancer. The unpleasant disposition of his cremains has fallen to his former, bitter wife Charlie; his ashes are on her kitchen table, and Charlie sets about to organize a slap-dash memorial. Since her husband’s abandonment, Charlie has skirted poverty by renting rooms in her formerly grand Northfield home to colorful strangers - each affected in their own way by the Great Recession of the early 21st Century. They of course, attend the memorial, along with Sam - Charlie's daughter. Sam is a success