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Love in the time of diminishing expectations

I bought this little cottage almost ten years ago, never dreaming I would love it as I do.  It was a homely little house, neglected and ignored for several decades when I found it.  After moving in I added  a front porch, new roof, air conditioning and all the other raw comforts required for Minnesota living.  And I've lived here nearly a decade - alone. It hasn't been easy.   For almost twenty years I lived at the center of a solid, American family.  I raised two wonderful daughters,  lived through the end of my ugly marriage and the rebirth of my personality, sold our family home and moved to another city, all by myself.  At first, the house was not enough for me.  I yearned for a husband.  Not a lover - no.  I had opportunities for affection and turned them down.  I wanted a husband; someone I could care for, cook for, provide for and entertain.  As the years passed it became clear to me that I would not meet a man who would love me the way I want; a love t