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Ignorance of God and Other Tiny Concerns.

If we believe our national leaders, God is partial to the Presidents of the United States. Jimmy Carter claimed a personal relationship with the Big Fella. So did Ronald Reagan. Dubya was a praying man, who claimed that God alone (with a little help from Laura) kept him off the bottle and walking the straight path to global supremacy.  Under his administration, the United States instituted a way to pay tax dollars to the churches doing the work they should do without the money. Dubya created a whole new branch of government, and called it good. The Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives has a clergy man at the helm, and billions of dollars in its coffers. They fund everything. I mean everything. They fund the presence of religious groups in federal prisons with the clear and certain purpose of converting offenders to the love of Jesus Christ. They fund health initiatives, for heaven's sake - claiming faith-based groups can assist in a pandemic. Our own dear, darli

Elizabeth Edwards - stop the lies!

American women are not stupid. We've lived through the Clinton administration, the Gary Hart scandal, the awful truth about John F. Kennedy. Our mothers told us what happened to Eleanor Roosevelt when she found out about Franklin Delano Roosevelt's affair with Lucy Page Mercer Rutherford. Heck, even Ike had a dirty little affair with an Army woman. We understand. Political men drop their morals as quickly as they drop their commitment to the American people. As easily as they drop their pants. And we know that political life is filthy with lies. What we are learning now, however, is that politicians wives are as good at the game as their no-count men. I saw Elizabeth Edwards on the Today Show this week and wanted to climb into the set, put my arms around her and tell her to stop, stop, stop. No one should have to go through what she is going through to redeem a political animal like John Edwards. I hate seeing Elizabeth Edwards reduced to an apologist for adultery. I wan