a comedy in two acts

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    Bernice Fairfax is about to turn fifty.

    Divorced and lonely, her cupcake shop is faltering, her fourteen-year-old daughter is on a piercing binge, and her love life is rattled with sick, bad, crazy and stupid strangers she meets on line.

    Will a visit from Sheila, her Druid priestess mother and Amaranth, a silent, aging shaman, change anything?

  • SWEET TRUTH - a comedy in two acts
    Small cast, one set - easy production for community theatre. 

  • For information on purchasing a script, click here! 

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  1. My theatre company, Talking Horse Productions of Columbia, MO, recently staged the premiere of SWEET TRUTH! Great audience response, folks! This sweet little comedy is a winner, and your audiences will love it, too! Highly recommended! Kristine came to Missouri and did playwright talkbacks with our audiences, and we hosted a playwriting workshop on the Saturday of her visit that was booked!


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