Monday, March 26, 2012

Kristine - are you nervous to see your play on stage?


Not even for a moment.

In fact, I'm so excited about the success of my new play, I'm obnoxious.

But who can blame me?  At age 59 I started an entire life.  When I walked away from my soul-killing job at (Shall Remain Nameless) University, I stumbled into the thrilling, entertaining, exhaustively fabulous life of a playwright.

Writing plays for you is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. 

And PAPER DADDY is my first to reach production. The others are not far behind.   In 2013, my comedy SWEET TRUTH will be produced by Talking Horse, Berlin Theatre, Columbia Missouri.  (One of the oldest equity stages in the nation is negotiating with me for SWEET TRUTH as well.  Stay tuned!  You'll be the first to know!) And my drama/comedy GOD GIRL will have a staged reading in May, 2012 at the History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota.

But, first things first - right?  We're talking PAPER DADDY here, kids.

PAPER DADDY  has its world premiere at the Northfield Arts Guild Theatre in Northfield Minnesota on Friday, April 13th.

Truth be told, the story has been alive since 2008, when I first set pen to paper to tell the cryptic, humorous story of Charlie (Charlotte) Pomeroy.

Charlie is one of the rare, lucky women who marries a man she loves - one who can never lose his job - a tenured member of the faculty of an elite, liberal arts college, somewhere in the Midwest.

(Read - "Carleton College.")

Her husband Franklin was, in his prime, the Dean of the Faculty.  He had it all.  The right house on the right side of town.  A beautiful, adoring spouse.  A lovely little girl.

(Read-"Ideal Life.")

And one day, thirty-something years ago, Franklin woke up, called the whole thing "boring" and walked out.

 (Read - "Ass hole.")

His desertion left his loving wife Charlie with unanswered questions and a sick,  growing bitterness.

Paper Daddy asks the question, "Is it ever too late to start again?"  Can dead relationships lead to new hope?  Can a man do the right thing, when the right thing means keeping promises to a woman he no longer loves?

In these uncertain, frightening times, is it possible to live by faith?  To believe and build and dream?

Gosh, I sure hope so. 

You decide.


Tell me what you think.

After all - I wrote it for you! 

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