Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dump Rush Limbaugh! (For his sake and ours.)


Sure, conservative radio has a place.  I don't contest that.

But hate speech is what hate speech does;  divides us, hurts us, and distracts us from important, positive work we all need to be doing.

Wherever you are, whoever you are - write to the station in your community sponsoring this miscreant. 

For his sake and for the common good, let's get this poor thing off the air so he can get some help. 

Here's suggested language. 

"We all know RUSH is an "entertainer."  But hate speech is not entertainment.  SLUT is not funny.  Asking anyone to post themselves having SEX is pornographic content.  Get rid of this guy. If you do not do so, I'll contact all your sponsors - not only the ones who support Limbaugh - and initiate a boycott.  Limbaugh is not funny.  He's serious - and so am I. "

Good grief.

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