Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful, forgiving universe

If I told you there are no mistakes,

If I said I understand every decision you make,

and that the challenges you face are not unique - they are, instead, faced by us all -  would you listen?

If I told you that you are never alone,
that you are surrounded by forgiveness and refreshment -

If I assured you that I couldn't possibly be any more proud of you
than I already am, would you believe me?

If I promised you that everything  - every little thing -  is okay, would you stop worrying?

Would you?  Would you?

Would everything be easier for you if, once in a while, I pull your leg, made you blush,
and wink between the lines?

Then I shall do so.

Stay tuned.  Never give up.  And remember -  I love you so.

The Universe

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