Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christmas every day of the year

This is what my car looked like on January 3, 2010.
Buying on eBay is a bit like creating Christmas every day of the year.

I find what I've always wanted - make my bid-  and if I've been a good girl, Santa comes down the chimney (or via Fed Ex) - in the middle of February.

Last week I discovered what I've always wanted, but didn't know I needed until I found it on eBay.

A goose-down feather filled bathrobe.  Imagine.  I've survived 63 winters without one.

Thank you, Santa.
No longer.

Any day now - any moment, actually - the doorbell will ring, I'll rush to answer - and there it will be; packed in a big, brown box. 

Christmas in February.

I write this in the dead of winter in Minnesota.  I haven't been warm in over six months.  Granted.  We've had a mild winter this year.  But a "mild" Minnesota winter assumes only twenty, thirty days with below-zero wind chill. 

Trust me.  Some of us escape to Arizona.  Others scoot to Florida.  We do what we do for one reason only.  We're Minnesotans.  We're frickin' cold.

And a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

If the Ebay seller is telling me the truth, I'll get my bathrobe in three days; plenty of time to snuggle by the fire and knit that mohair sweater I promised to finished by Easter.

Or, Christmas.

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