Saturday, May 21, 2011

For your information - A brief of history Bradlee Dean and the Minnesota Republicans

On Friday, Bradlee Dean, a bigoted, anti-semetic self-proclaimed evangelist, was invited by Rep. Ernie Leidiger, a Republican from Mayer, Minn., to start Friday morning's session with a prayer at the Minnesota House.
By now, everyone in Minnesota knows what happened next. Dean's inflammatory, bigoted and outlandish hate speech galvanized the room. For the first time during the contentious and bipartisan divided session, the Democrats and Republicans agreed; Dean is an abomination.

Some of us in the heartland have known this for a decade. Invited into our public schools to teach our children, Bradlee Dean's "ministry" has been scooping up our tax dollars for years, "educating" our children in everything from "the constitution" to "abstinence" and "drug abuse prevention;" using his connections to the Republican party to open doors and state coffers.

Now that Dean's antics are in the sunshine, the Republican law makers who made this man's career possible are running for cover.

Ironically, Dean's ministry is called "You Can Run - But you Cannot Hide."

And they cannot hide. The Minnesota Republican's relationship with Dean is now available for public scrutiny.

Republican Senator Paul Gazelka was a recent guest on Bradlee Dean’s radio show

Gazelka stood by while Bradlee Dean accused GLBT Americans of “doing the hating” on the marriage amendment issue, saying, “It’s them (GLBT Americans) that are doing the hating. They did it to Jesus Christ.”

Dean said, “[Homosexuality] has been illegal since the foundation of our country. It has been illegal. It’s the conceived sin of homosexuality. The end of sin is death and that’s exactly what [homosexuality] does.”

(Click here to listen to Dean's defense of "calling for the execution of homosexuals.")

IN 2010, Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Tony Sutton invited Dean to feature a booth at the Republican Party of Minnesota’s convention.

Candidate Tom Emmer calls Bradlee Dean’s ministry a group of “nice people”

Former Secretary of State candidate, state Representative and current Senate candidate Dan Severson is a featured and regular guest on Bradlee Dean’s radio show

IN 2009, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer attended a fundraiser for Bradlee Dean’s anti-gay ministry. Bradlee Dean says Tom Emmer ”has been out to my house," and Tom Emmer’s campaign committee donated $250 to Bradlee Dean’s ministry

IN 2007, former Secretary of State and current Representative Mary Kiffmeyer served as master of cermonies for an event honoring Bradlee Dean’s ministry

“They’re not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and their country, to preach it, and using that exercise of their freedom." In his "sermon" at the same event, Dean said, "The Pope is “a devil disguised as a minister of righteousness," and compared the teaching of evolution to the ideology of Hitler.

IN 2006, Michele Bachmann led a prayer for Bradlee Dean’s anti-gay ministry saying, “Lord, I thank you for what you have done with this ministry”

TIM PAWLENTY has also been a guest on Bradlee Dean’s radio show, along with many other local Republicans and conservatives.

In this photo, Tim Pawlenty poses proudly with Bradlee Dean’s radio co-host, Jake McMillan

By the way, in his apology for extending the invitation to this ignorant, hateful man, Leidiger says someone from Dean's ministry requested the invitation and he respeonded. He says he only knew of Dean's past work educating students on constitutional issues and not his controversial past remarks.

Is anyone else out there terrified by this? Dean - in the public schools - teaching "consitutional issues" - and, by reputation, attracting an invitation to address the entire House of Representatives; makes my blood run cold.
Next time you hear a Republican claim he or she never knew Bradlee Dean as a bigot, hate monter or antisemitic - - ask to see the rock under which they live.

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