Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not sweating the little things and other lies

I know. It's been a tough month.

The Tea Party mopped up.  Sara P. seems in charge.  Obama and the boys want to play nicey-nicey and the other team is insane.

And everywhere we turn the message is the same.  The recession is over, good times are coming, and the unemployment rate is the highest since the Great Depression.

Crazy, huh?  So, what's a mother to do?

I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize.

In times like this, my sanity is my first priority.

When I was a younger woman, easily swayed by the tides of political prejudiced, I was often discouraged.

No more.  I remember the words of my mentor, The Reverend Calvin Didier.  Cal once said, "Kristine, I'd worry about this calamity if I hadn't lived through the same thing three decades past."

With age comes this kind of tender wisdom.

So, if you're younger than fifty, take heed.  In the next decade you will begin to observe the following;
  1. Repetition of phrases you heard in your youth, like "supply side economics."
  2. Repeated reference to codgers who, once upon a time, made a good decision for the betterment of our common life.
  3. Fear tactics - constant insinuations that the end is near, and that those in power are determined to ruin our lives.
  4. An easy to solution to the difficult circumstances we navigate.
Ignore all these things and you will reach your sixties a happy camper.

That's all it takes.  That, and regular exposure to common sense ideas, decent acoustic guitar music and great conversation.

By the way - I'm available for any of the above, if you're interested.

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