Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PAPER DADDY based on truth

What role does a father have in this new, devastated economy? Kristine Holmgren set about to answer that question by writing her new stage play, PAPER DADDY.

When it was complete, PAPER DADDY enjoyed a successful staged reading at THEATRE IN THE ROUND PLAYERS (TRP) on Saturday, September 26, 2009. According to the Executive Director of TRP, the audience was largest stage reading ever hosted at the theatre (more than 120 participants). Within days following, PAPER DADDY is under consideration for production on several stages in Minnesota.

The Northfield Arts Guild will host the premier of Holmgren's first play in the spring of 2012.

What is it about this play that causes an audience to resonate?

The connection is simple; Kristine Holmgren has always been able to tell a good story, and tell it well. In PAPER DADDY, she brings us tells a narrative that exposes the real-life consequences of our current economic downturn. She tags these times, "The Great Recession of the early 21st Century" for good reason; her stage play exposes the human suffering behind our tumbling finances, and the painful, courageous and miriad ways our American families struggle to prevail.

Before Kristine Holmgren became a playwright, she all ready had an audience. Her loyal Minnesota readers have depended upon her for decades to communicate deep empathy and compassion in everything she writes.

Holmgren's commentary through National Public Radio All Things Considered and her editorial commentary column with the Star Tribune never failed to lift the veil on our collective potential and the power to find grace, healing and potential for redemption in our common life.

With PAPER DADDY Holmgren steps outside her comfort zone of political commentary and editorial critique. Through the creation of unforgettable, unique characters, she takes us into the landscape of storytelling and soft satire; a territory where her mastery of the well-told tale is both comfortable and compelling.

PAPER DADDY is a play in two acts set in Northfield, Minnesota. When the play begins, former Carleton College faculty dean Franklin Pomeroy is found dead in the arms of a Minneapolis hooker, leaving the disposition of his cremains to his former, bitter wife Charlie. The ashes are on her kitchen table, and Charlie must organize a slap-dash memorial.

Since her husband’s abandonment, Charlie skirted poverty by renting rooms in her formerly grand Northfield home to colorful strangers - each affected in their own way by the Great Recession of the early 21st Century. Charlie's daughter Sam, is unique among the characters. She is a successful attorney, single, brilliant, sassy and beautiful – and raised to believe men are unnecessary.

A shocking announcement from Sam and a surprise visit from an unexpected mourner shift the play’s center of gravity from bitterness to humor, and Charlie and Sam learn more than they bargained for about marriage, forgiveness and the ties that bind.

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