Monday, October 25, 2010

Just when you thought no one was watching. . .

Get over yourself!
I know you've thought about it. You knew last year what you were going to do.  You promised yourself that this year you would not make a damned fool of yourself trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood with human beings half you size and one decimal your age.

But here you are, sneaking through the costumes at the Halloween Super Store, hoping no one notices the Baby Boomer trying on the Hilary Clinton mask.

It's okay, bunky.  No one will turn you in.

Remember when your mom and dad dressed up as ghouls on October 31st and handed out caramel apples to their favorite little kids?  You weren't embarrassed.  Okay  - maybe that's not a good example.

How about this - remember when your big brother kept carousing for candy, long after his beard came in and his voice changed?  No one made fun of him, did they?

I know - I know.  You're sixty three years old.  And yes, I agree - there is a difference.

But lighten up, toots. 

When all else fails - remember what your mother used to say when you were afraid you were making a fool of yourself.

Don't worry what people think.  Most don't.

Buy it.  Buy the damn Sarah Palin costume!  And have a happy, happy haunting!!

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