Saturday, June 5, 2010

So little to make me happy

The kids were almost grown when I bought my first new refrigerator.

I remember the day it arrived.  It was huge.  The door alone held the entire contents of the refrigerator it replaced.

Two days after it settled into my kitchen, my friend Mary stopped by for a visit.  I ushered her to meet my new appliance and she smiled at the introduction.

"You're happy about this, aren't you?" she asked.  "It takes so little."

Mary was right.

Writers thrive on simplicity; when our basic needs are met, we're in heaven. A bathroom with pipes that don't leak, a functioning furnace in winter and a well stocked refrigerator give the writer security, confidence and inspiration.

I used to think I needed more - someone by my side to cheer me on, a band of jolly friends to applaud every effort and approve of every accomplishment.

Now, I think and feel differently.

The psychologist Maslov posited that human beings cannot function unless basic needs are met.

Writers do well when the rent and water bills are paid, food is plentiful and the lights are on.

My friend Mary was right.

It takes so little.

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