Monday, April 26, 2010

Poverty drives creativity

When you think about it, writers owe American bankers a big "thank you." 

American banks and the people who love them ruined our economy.  Hedge funds, leveraged against unstable options imploded, catapulting us into (let's call it what it is) the Great Depression of the 21st Century. 

My mother warned me.  She said my generation was headed for that destination arrived at most often by hand-basket. 

And she was right. 

Still, I hold no grudges against the criminals who control my destiny.  If not for the many of us who are now unemployed, art would be dead. 

Think about it.  Remember the anti-art movement of the late 20th Century?  The way the radical right pounded the National Endowment for the Arts?  

Thanks to Sarah and her Tea Party, they have bigger fish to fry. 
Consider this - your ill-fated leisure feeds your curiosity creativity. Would you be reading this blog, writing your novel, considering your next essay if you were fully employed?

Of course not.

You'd still be smack-dab in the middle of that job you hated, scrambling to look busy, pretending to care about the damn widgets your geezer boss designed fifty years ago. 

If you aren't employed and bored, you're employed and frantic.  The majority of those who are still working are performing the jobs we all lost.  They're freaked to the gills that thei hard work will not pay off - that thei Machiavellian employer will dump them without warning.  

Time magazine reported in the February issue that employed Americans are more stressed than those of us who are unemployed.  

Why? Because they're beaten down, absent of all hope and inspiration.  But those of us who are unemployed are pumped with hope.  Our lives are pure potential and we're using our creativity to make our time meaningful, productive and worthwhile.
 So, if you're without work right now, take heart.  When you feel frightened, anxious or alone, remember our name is legion - - there are more of us today than any other time in American history.  Americans without work, with only our dreams to drive us - - we're a beautiful demographic! 

And consider this - can you imagine returning to a work place where you will not be allowed to continue on this path? Where your creativity is not honored?  Your skills denied and trivialized? 

It will, eventually happen - so gird up your loins. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy your freedom.  Write.  Dream.  Imagine. 

And give thanks to Goldman Sachs and the boys.  Their greed created, after all, our little slice of literary freedom.

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