Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who is Kristine and what can she do for me?

Kristine Holmgren is an award-winning communications executive running a sole proprietorship.

She specializes in senior nonprofit administrative leadership, media relations, training for online and face-to-face media engagement, institutional advancement, board development, union negotiations, diversity training and corporate board leadership.

Her former clients include Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Public Radio International, The Center for Victims of Torture, Chrysalis: A Center for Women, Children’s Home Society and Family Services and faith-based communities in places as divergent as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey.

Kristine's practice is client centered. On their behalf she writes speeches, news releases, video programs, political commentary and articles for magazines, newspapers and websites. She is a public spokesperson for a variety of Minnesota nonprofits.

Kristine Holmgren seeks to work with ethical people, dedicated to creating a better world.
She is a Presbyterian pastor and an outspoken, public advocate for Minnesota children and families, and the under served communities where they live. On their behalf, she is a popular keynote speaker throughout the Midwest.

Kristine is a frequent commentator for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” Her essays, short stories and columns have appeared in the Star Tribune (where her column was published from 1995 – 2005), Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe and Washington Post.

Her fiction is anthologized in two volumes, T
he Magic of Christmas Miracles (William and Morrow Press), Sacred Strands, (Lone Oak Press) and her biography is featured in the award-winning anthology, ln the Company of Women, Voices from the Women’s Movement, (MHS Press).

Her new work, The Uppity Woman's Guide to Dating After Fifty is in development for publication in 2010.

Kristine's new play PAPER DADDY is available for theatrical production on a stage near you. Click here for more information about PAPER DADDY

A single mother, Kristine raised two successful women into happy, successful, professional lives. Today, she lives in a garden cottage in St. Paul, Minnesota with an opinionated Scottish terrier, Eleanor Roosevelt

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